Helena Doyle is a multi-disciplinary artist, filmmaker and educator working across mediums including installation, sculpture, video, textiles, street theatre and land art.

With a background in film, an interest in the viewer’s immersive experience led her to explore how this is connected to wellbeing. ‘Sanctuary’ is a major theme in her work and she aims to create spaces and experiences that encourage contemplation and aim to evoke a sense of awe in the viewer. 

Helena explores and reimagines folk/bush crafts as a way to find the common, universal threads that bond us to each other and the land. She believes in crafting as a tool for healing and community building and facilitates workshops where participants create collective installations together.

She has over 15 years experience designing, producing, installing and touring large scale aerial sculptures to festivals and events including All Together Now (IE), Bestival (UK), Body & Soul (IE) and Latitude (UK).

She has participated in land based residencies and exhibitions including the Woodland Symposium by Interface (IE), SILVA by Lay of The Land (IE), Terra Nexus by Proposition Studios (UK) and Wunder Dusk by Surrey Arts and The National Trust (UK).